Studland Bowl Regatta Event 2011

We were lucky enough to be involved in both sailing regattas this year organized by Ex British Olympic Sailor – Rodney Pattisson MBE. The two regattas are set a few months apart being June and the recent September event.

‘Nirvana’ was acting as a ‘Committee Boat’ setting up both start and finishing lines for this exciting Trimaran Sailing Regatta. It is probably fair to say that these three hulled machines are often underrated in terms of pleasure craft, let alone the fact that they can double the speed of a conventional mono hulled sailing boat with ease.

We had near perfect conditions for this event with sustained winds of force 5 which made for very exciting racing, particularly as they jockeyed for poll position before the “off”. Most if not all boats are stripped out inside – yes including the ‘kitchen sink’ and while Rodney bans himself from taking the helm, he does admit to carrying a very light weight anchor. There is no doubt that Rodney is still the star of the show in everyway as he makes his apologies known for yet another win!

This is a great event with the right ingredients of fun and healthy competition in a relaxed friendly environment.

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