Bournemouth Air Show

The Bournemouth Air show was spectacular this year though very sadly over shadowed by the events that followed by the loss of a much loved member of the Red Arrows. We would like to pay our respects to these extremely brave and talented members of the RAF for without them the show would not go on in the way that we know and love best.

Ironically, we all agreed that this year’s show was the best since Bournemouth Council undertook this now well known tourist attraction on this part of the coast. To watch this show from ‘Nirvana’ is truly special in that you can literally wave to the pilots as they pass!! Anyone who has not witnessed this massive adrenalin rush viewed by boat needs to book us as we look forward to an even better show next year.

Our thoughts at this time are with the many family and friends of Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging of the RAF/Red Arrows.

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