Welcome back in June 2020!

Sea Events has changed in recent months in that we now offer our skipper services only, predominantly along the South Coast of the UK but still operated by Mark Everington.

While ‘Nirvana’ has since been sold, Mark is offering his professional skipper services on a freelance basis with just the same integrity, experience and professionalism as before.

Recent work has included Solent Rib Charters Ltd and Puffin Cruises of Lymington.

On a practical basis, we are open for business just as soon as the ‘lock down’ is unleashed!

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Take a fresh look at our ‘Events Page’

Just one of the reasons why we call ourselves Sea Events is because we have an active ‘events‘ page on our website (www.seaevents.co.uk).

Unlike a lot of other charter organizations we try to be a little bit more adventurous by following all the events from the Solent down to Weymouth.

These could include anything from the spectacle of seeing an enormous ‘J’ Class yacht racing around the Solent – to gazing at the evening Sandbanks Fireworks to name but two. It’s a great way to keep the family entertained all day while sipping your favorite glass in style and comfort on the sea.

The Bournemouth Air Festival is a stunning uninterrupted view from the sea and we are currently taking bookings for this most popular event. None of our special events are priced any differently from the rest of our charters – we see it as just an added enjoyment to your day. Of course it’s entirely up to you to choose how you wish to spend your time with us on the water. We can supply all the food and drink you’ll need for any of our charters events – all your need to provide are friends, family or clients. Or perhaps just yourself!!

Please remember that if you’d like to combine your charter with any of our summer events on the ‘events‘ page then we’d advise an early booking to avoid disappointment

Check out the ‘events‘ page now and we look forward to seeing you on the water!

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Welcome to the Summer Months ahead!

We like to think that last weekend’s ‘heat wave’ was just a summer taster of what’s coming for the summer months ahead. An up beat undisclosed source at our local yacht club managed to convince us – well nearly – that the recent scorcher weekend weather was set to stay – let’s hope he’s right. I think we’re all owed some good sunshine to take our clouds away!

Last weekend everyone seemed to pile down to the beach – in fact at Bournemouth it was difficult to see the sand. We would say that because we believe that the best view of the sea is when you’re on it – but don’t take our word for it check out our testimonials.

This year we have the biggest range of charters to choose from than ever before from a ’90 Minute’ Cruise to our ‘Full Day’ Charter which can include scrumptious food chosen from six different styles of menu. Or you may like to simply relax on our ‘Evening Sundowner’ Cruise with a glass of champagne.

For all charter details, including fees please take time to read our ‘Fees‘ page of the website. Remember that we do not differentiate between a weekend or week day or ‘high season’ in respect of our fees. Equally well, we will not charge you extra for special occasions e.g. The Bournemouth Air Festival preferring to operate on a first come first serve basis.

There are still a good number of days left to book over the coming summer months with lots of exciting things going on – check out the ‘Events‘ page for some great ideas.

Please remember that because we take time to prepare for your charter in the most professional way possible in order to ensure that you have the best experience, we may not be available for last minute bookings. So, if you think its going to be a cracking sunny day or weekend we would advise that you try and book us as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

We believe that we’re excellent value for a wonderful, unforgettable experience on the water – whatever your reasons for calling us. Be it a corporate day out for something different to do or that anniversary that’s been put off for want of finding that special moment when the family can all be together.

So don’t leave it too long – come and join us in the sun!

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Spring time extended offer

Welcome to Spring time with Sea Events. As you may have noted on our home page we had an offer to freeze our 2011 prices if a charter was booking prior to 1st March this has now been extended.

Our 5 year inspection of our boat ‘Nirvana‘ will be completed over the next few days. While our launch date is set for 27th March 2012 where upon we will be fully open for business for the forthcoming coming season.

As a reminder we operate from April until the end of October and yes even in the latter month the weather can be superb. Last year we had a charter in 27°c ! Not bad for the UK. This summer looks to be a hot one and while we all wish rain for the farmers and gardeners – we are secretly hoping for a long dry spell by the sea!!

We currently have availability for many days in the coming summer months which you can combine should you so wish with some of the many events mentioned on our calendar ‘events‘ page. We would be only too happy to discuss any of our charters or a bespoke charter for a particular occasion.

Please take advantage of our current offer which will not be available for much longer!

We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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January & February Sales

Welcome to Sea Events in 2012. We hope you’ve had a very happy Christmas and New Years celebration.

Apart from the usual high street sales in January, it is often a time to think about booking a holiday as the year begins to unfold and not leave it to the last minute in July! Whether you may be thinking of a family visit or longer holiday to Dorset this summer or perhaps chewing the cud thinking – what on earth can I do this year to keep my staff happy with so much doom and gloom around?

Well, we think we might have the answer. Instead of booking that same old golf day, what about something completely different but for the same cost? How about an exciting boat ride chasing the much renowned Dorset World Heritage Jurassic Coast to a calm bay for a relaxing afternoon, drinking and eating the most delicious food. May be a swim too?

Either way, we guarantee real fresh air on the sea! There’s a great deal to be done on the water but how you choose and where you choose to do it is largely up to you – well as long as its between Portsmouth and Weymouth. Whatever the occasion, be it corporate or private we will take you there in style and comfort.

The family will still be talking to each other but with big smiles all round and Kevin from accounts will be desperately hoping to come again next year. That’s for sure!

Ok, so what sale are we offering? Well, if you book us for your Sea Events experience this year but before 1st April, we will hold our 2011 fees for your charter.

Please take a look at our website for further details and we look forward to hearing from you – hopefully before July!

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Sea Events 2012 Website

There’s nothing more irritating than looking at a previous year’s website approaching or even in the New Year. Hence, we have now completed this process in respect of any major changes to business for 2012. Of course you will find that we tweak the site throughout the year in order to keep you fully informed of all our activities and special offers.

Our ‘Events Page‘ has now been fully updated in readiness for the 2012 season. One of the reasons why we call ourselves ‘Sea Events‘ is because we take a keen interest in all events taking place along the south coast from Portsmouth to Weymouth.

So, as well as enjoying your day charter with us, you might also wish to coordinate the day with a particular event or activity e.g. the Bournemouth Air Show or Cowes Week Regatta to name but two. There are many other events which we regularly advise on our ‘Events Page however if you can think of one that we haven’t – then please feel free to let us know.

We believe that we still represent great value in respect of all our charters at Sea Events. Increased costs have only occurred where they have been imposed on us – it’s as simple as that. We are mindful also that any increase is below the current level of inflation.

Our regular viewers will know that we added some new charters during last year including, ’90 Minute Cruise’ and ‘Evening Sundowner Cruise’ and for the New Year we’re looking forward to adding our ‘Fireworks Fizz’ cruises.

Hopefully, there is now a cruise for everyone to enjoy!

Watch out for our special offers coming up in 2012 and we very much look forward to hearing from you.

Very Happy Christmas and New Year
From all at Sea Events

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2011 Seasonal ‘School Report’

Despite the recessional blues in 2011, we are happy to report our most successful season in our fifth year of operation at Sea Events.

Our season started as always in April which saw some fantastic early summer sunshine – in fact hotter than many of the days to follow throughout the summer itself. From that month onwards we were pleased to see bookings up for both corporate and private charters across our range. Additionally, we believe that our almost frozen price strategy in keeping with good value for money assisted this process. As an example our Full Day Charter cost at – 1,250 for a full 8 hours on the water was only a 4% increase on 2010 despite ever increasing fuel costs!

Early summer, May and June were also good as witnessed by Dorset Society Magazine coming on board to assist us with our video and subsequent flattering editorial report published in the July issue. Although, August’s weather seemed to be a tad patchy, we did get to see all the main events in sunshine which seem to culminate in this important month. The wonderful Cowes Week Regatta, Bournemouth Air Festival and spectacular evening fireworks events, as usual proved both fun and popular.

Both September and October were reasons enough as to why we keep chartering each year later into the season. We’re not sure if you call it an Indian summer but whatever it was the weather gave us plenty of warm days – we were positively hot by October! Apparently, October was the hottest ever on record.

On 1st November ?Nirvana? was lifted out of the water for our usual servicing and winterization over the winter months in order to be on flying form ready for 2012!

We are enormously grateful to Tony Beale of Beales Gourmet Catering whom provide our specialist food menus which are always so deliciously tasty and beautifully presented. We?ve never had a single complaint about our food – in fact quite the contrary – Tony seems to have a brilliant knack of knowing just what?s required on a boat!

Our website is ?tidal? ? in that it never stands still! It is our much valued shop window which we try to keep as user friendly as possible, keeping you regularly updated with events throughout the season. Our two main developments this year have been our ?Captains Log? page (our blog!) and our video found therein which does much to explain our days enjoyed on the water.

Perhaps the greatest reference to what we try to achieve is witnessed by our client written testimonials which we think is worth ten times more than anything we could possibly publish ourselves ? no matter how big or small! To that end we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients who have kindly taken time out to write about us.

Finally, we pride ourselves on our professional approach to customer service, added value and to go that extra mile ? in some cases literally!

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Studland Bowl Regatta Event 2011

We were lucky enough to be involved in both sailing regattas this year organized by Ex British Olympic Sailor – Rodney Pattisson MBE. The two regattas are set a few months apart being June and the recent September event.

‘Nirvana’ was acting as a ‘Committee Boat’ setting up both start and finishing lines for this exciting Trimaran Sailing Regatta. It is probably fair to say that these three hulled machines are often underrated in terms of pleasure craft, let alone the fact that they can double the speed of a conventional mono hulled sailing boat with ease.

We had near perfect conditions for this event with sustained winds of force 5 which made for very exciting racing, particularly as they jockeyed for poll position before the “off”. Most if not all boats are stripped out inside – yes including the ‘kitchen sink’ and while Rodney bans himself from taking the helm, he does admit to carrying a very light weight anchor. There is no doubt that Rodney is still the star of the show in everyway as he makes his apologies known for yet another win!

This is a great event with the right ingredients of fun and healthy competition in a relaxed friendly environment.

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Bournemouth Air Show

The Bournemouth Air show was spectacular this year though very sadly over shadowed by the events that followed by the loss of a much loved member of the Red Arrows. We would like to pay our respects to these extremely brave and talented members of the RAF for without them the show would not go on in the way that we know and love best.

Ironically, we all agreed that this year’s show was the best since Bournemouth Council undertook this now well known tourist attraction on this part of the coast. To watch this show from ‘Nirvana’ is truly special in that you can literally wave to the pilots as they pass!! Anyone who has not witnessed this massive adrenalin rush viewed by boat needs to book us as we look forward to an even better show next year.

Our thoughts at this time are with the many family and friends of Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging of the RAF/Red Arrows.

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“I wonder if life can get better than this?”

Great article about Sea Events in July’s issue of Dorset Society magazine, by Nicky Findley. “I have always spent my summer holidays here since I was a small boy,” Mark explains. “My mum taught me to sail here and although I have travelled the world I always come back to Poole for the summer.” A few minutes later Tony Beales of Beales Gourmet Ltd who does most of the catering for Sea Events, cracks open the bottle of bubbly and his assistant James Matthews dishes out some hors d’oeuvres. Sitting in the cockpit with a champagne flute in hand, watching the world drift by, I wonder if life can get better than this?

After exploring the bay we anchor near Studland Bay for lunch. Tony and James disappear downstairs for five minutes and then re-appear armed with large platters of sumptuous canapes including asparagus wrapped in Palma ham with truffle oil, smoked salmon with chive cream and caviar on home-made blinis, prawn and crayfish cocktail in scallop shells and a selection of sandwiches. As if on queue, the sun comes out and a few seagulls start soaring high above our heads hoping for some titbits. Heaven – or in this case Nirvana!

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