‘Summer is coming!’

This is our fourth season at Sea Events and despite difficult financial times which seem to coincide almost on the day we started – things seem to be going from strength to strength with each passing year.

We try to continue to give good value for money and our current offer, freezing 2009/10 pricing making a Full Day Charter – 120 per person,** (based on 10 people sharing ex food and beverage) – we hope is testament to this view.

As a reminder, our boat ‘Nirvana’ is fully MCA licensed and insured to carry up to twelve persons but that has to include a qualified RYA skipper and one crew. Unlike other charter firms we insist on a permanent crew member who is trained to assist the skipper on board as well as attending to all our guests. Leaving you the time to relax and enjoy your charter.

We like to be as flexible as possible and so just because we’re based out of Poole doesn’t mean that we can’t pick up clients from other destinations. So, depending upon our client?s preference and type of sea event, we can also arrange to pick up/land from other places such as Portsmouth, Ocean Village in Southampton, Cowes, Buckler’s Hard – Beaulieu River, Lymington, Yarmouth, as well as Weymouth and others to the west of Poole.

There is a reason why we have chosen to call our business ‘Sea Events‘ – it is, if you like, a thinking man?s or should I say woman?s charter. In that we may follow all the events taking place from May to October – from Portsmouth to Weymouth. Hence, you might like to have a corporate day charter watching the Bournemouth Air Show or a family day charter lunching at Allum Bay gazing at tons of boats during the Cowes Week Regatta. For these and other events you may wish to check out our ‘events’ page on the website where you will find many listed but we know there are a whole lot more. So if you’ve noticed something we’ve missed that you’d like to see – just shout.

Alternatively, you may wish to choose none of the above options, preferring to cruise the infamous Dorset Jurassic coastline in peace whilst quaffing a smooth refreshing glass of rose. Ending up at Lulworth Cove for lunch, perhaps a swim – yes swim! Then return to Poole via Studland Bay after tea. In any event the choice is yours at Sea Events.

When we first set up the business we also recognized that we needed some good food to accompany a day charter. Finding something both practical and tasty while afloat without too many sources to spill all over the decks, proved to be quite a challenge! Then we met a guy who not only serves excellent food, way above our expectations but who also has buckets of experience having worked his magic on 80 footers in the Mediterranean – his name, Tony Beale of Beales Gourmet Catering. Anyone interested or not even interested in food needs to know about this guy. He’s a top man.

By the way – we don’t mind what you’re celebrating or not as the case maybe. Last year we had a wonderful romantic engagement on board and this year I’ve had a few enquiries to celebrate divorce! – I hasten to add it was not the same couple. But I think you get our drift if you excuse that dreadful pun! We’ll give you an excellent Corporate day out and even a mini conference on board to a fun family occasion to celebrate Dad’s 50th or Tim’s Stag do.

Ok – so if you book a charter with Sea Events a lot of people will ask – what if the weather is bad on the day. Well, the skipper has the final word on safety and will not put to sea in adverse weather conditions. We want you to enjoy your day not make it a trial! So, if the skipper cancels, it will be for all the right reasons but then you will have a choice of what to do next. Both a full refund of your money or an alternative date/time agreed between client and Sea Events will be offered. (For further details on all of our terms and conditions it would be advisable to click on ‘terms and conditions’ at the bottom of our application form on the website www.seaevents.co.uk).

We aim to give you a great day out on the water no matter what the occasion and if you’re having fun then we know we’ve done our job properly.

We very much look forward to seeing you some sunny day – this year!


** Offer on until 1st April 2011

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